How We Help

Programs & Services


  • Treatment Center Allotment Program: This program provides funds for trips to treatment centers outside of Brevard or Indian River County for clinic, outpatient, or in-patient appointments related to the childhood cancer diagnosis.
  • Utility Assistance Program: This program provides funds for utility bills for families on treatment – including water, gas, and power bills.
  • Medical Financial Assistance Program:  This program provides families on treatment with financial assistance towards out of pocket medical expenses (IE: copays, doctors’ visits, infusions, ER visits, etc…).
  • Prescription Medication Program: This program provides funds for the “out-of-pocket” expenses for prescription medication for the cancer patient, as well as antibiotics for the patient’s siblings.
  • Gas Cards Program: This program provides prepaid gas cards to help alleviate the cost of out of county travel for treatment. This program was founded by the Platinum Coast Orchid Society.
  • Meal Voucher Program: This program provides prepaid cards for purchasing meals during extensive travel for treatment and hospitalizations.
  • Home Away from Home Program: This program provides funds for the cost of a family’s stay at the Ronald McDonald House, or any similar facility, close to the treatment center where their child is hospitalized. Candlelighters will reimburse for a hotel stay if a Ronald McDonald House or similar facility is not available.
  • Superhero Program: This program provides families who are facing extraordinary challenges during treatment with a Superhero Party and Photoshoot Experience through Jason Hook Photography. Separately, Candlelighters will host Superhero parties throughout the year for all children on treatment. The program focuses on empowering families to find their inner superpower while battling the villain – cancer.
  • Brevard Zoo’s Today is a Good Day Program: This program provides a fun day at the Brevard Zoo for children on treatment and their families on days they are feeling well enough to enjoy a complimentary day at the zoo.
  • Family Engagement Events: Candlelighters provide events throughout the year. These events are designed to engage, inspire, and heal the entire family unit during treatment or up to 2 years from the date of their final treatment and bereavement families. Private family engagement events allow families to interact privately, form meaningful relationships, and inspire their children to fight pediatric cancer with the support of other children in our community.


  • The Angel Car Care Service: This service provides car care to families whose child is currently receiving treatment or post-transplant. Services include oil changes, new tires, brakes, and other routine repairs.  This service is proudly presented by the Nelson Family and the employees of Brevard County Hyundai Dealers.
  • Medical Transport Service: This service provides quarterly medical transportation for families requiring assistance in traveling for treatments, hospitalizations, etc.  This program is provided by Stellar Transport.
  • Angel Memorial Counseling Service: This program provides professional counseling for the entire family unit while their child is on treatment and/or for bereavement families.
  • House Cleaning Service: This service provides families with a house cleaning allowance while undergoing treatment. House cleaning services are recommended for those who are returning home after extended hospitalization, surgeries, or end of life home care.
  • Therapeutic Wellness Massage Service: This program provides quarterly massages for families who are on treatment. The child and immediate family (IE: parent/guardian and siblings) can receive massage services at Space Coast Massage and Spa.
  • Parents Night Out Service: This service provides families on treatment with a childcare allowance per month. This service allows parents a chance to catch up on errands or provide time for them to have a date night together to heal and bond outside of the hospital setting.

Memorial Funds

  • Angel Fund: A one-time financial donation of $1000 is given to families who have suffered the agonizing loss of a child to assist with funeral or other related costs.
  • Memorial Fund: In memory of the children that have passed away from pediatric cancer, a native Florida tree is donated and planted on the first anniversary of their passing.

Get Support

If you are a family of a child diagnosed with cancer, please call (321) 728-5600 or submit our web contact form to be connected to our Family Services Department.