About Us

Candlelighters of Brevard, Inc. is a non-profit organization offering emotional support and financial assistance to children with cancer and their families in Brevard and Indian River counties. We are dedicated to the children we serve and the families that support them. We know that in addition to the shock of diagnosis and treatment, there is a tremendous financial burden, an endless amount of travel, and an overwhelming emotional impact. A parent should never have to choose between being with their child when they need them the most or paying their bills. Too many families are weighed down by financial burdens at the worst time of their lives, as they try to save their child’s life.  Candlelighters is committed to ensuring that our local children and their families have the support and resources they need in order to fight back.

Candlelighters provides nearly 20 programs and services that help alleviate the financial and emotional stress related to pediatric cancer. Additionally, we host numerous family outings, engagement events, and experiences for families to heal as one unit. Our mission is to provide light amid the darkness that comes with battling a life-threatening disease.

Staff & Board of Directors

Since 1992, Candlelighters of Brevard has been instrumental in providing programs and services to children with cancer and their families. As the years progress, we tailor our services to fit the unique needs of childhood cancer families living in Brevard and Indian River County. The Candlelighters’ Board of Directors donates their time and expertise in leading this organization. Our board members work tirelessly to keep our programs and services alive for childhood cancer families.

  • Natasha Duran
    Natasha Duran
    Co-Executive Director
  • Carolyn Cook
    Carolyn Cook
    Marketing Manager
  • Samantha Roualet
    Samantha Roualet
    Finance and Operations Director
  • Jessica Gibbens
    Jessica Gibbens
    Family Services Specialist
  • Brendan McCarthy
    Brendan McCarthy
    President / Co-ED
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Lisa Rouede
    Lisa Rouede
    Resale Shop Coordinator
  • Denise Zack
    Denise Zack
  • Kim DiFrisco
    Kim DiFrisco
  • Sandy Burge
    Sandy Burge
  • Tony Diana
    Tony Diana
  • Tracey Latshaw
    Tracey Latshaw
  • Jim O’Brien
    Jim O’Brien
  • Mark Mikolajczyk
    Mark Mikolajczyk
  • Ross Whitley
    Ross Whitley
  • Shamika Chamberlin
    Shamika Chamberlin
  • Christine Cohen
    Christine Cohen

Linda Parker, Honorary Member

Stephanie Brown, Honorary Member

Nancy Dyer, Honorary Member

Edna Fairbanks-Smith, Honorary Member

Mike Moss, Honorary Member

Mike Spragins, Honorary Member

Charlotte Wienckoski, Honorary Member