Candlelighters of Brevard, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to children with cancer and their families by offering emotional support and financial assistance.

We are committed to ensuring no one has to face the diagnosis
of childhood cancer alone.

A Light of Hope for Kids with Cancer

What many people may not understand about childhood cancer is that the devastation reality of the disease goes miles beyond anything physical. In addition to the extreme financial strain of paying for care, Brevard based families must also devote an overwhelming amount of time, travel and money for countless other expenses. From the shock of the diagnosis to the painful side-effects of treatment, the ongoing heartbreak and emotional impact felt by the entire family is hard to imagine.While nobody can see the diagnosis coming, we can make sure that Brevard patients and families have the support and resources they need to fight back. From economic assistance to emotional encouragement, join Candlelighters of Brevard in helping families survive the extreme physical, psychological and practical hardships of this disease.

Consider the following truths:
  • Because there are no pediatric oncologists in Brevard, 100% of our families must travel out of the county in order to seek medical care.
  • These families also drive approximately 360,004 miles to their treatment centers.
  • In 2015 these families spent 1,103 days at clinic visits, 1,004 days in-patient and over 200 days were spent at the Ronald McDonald House.



September marks National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Sharing  this heartfelt message from
Donna- Candlelighter mom.”Because kids can’t fight cancer alone”




September marks National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. At Candlelighters of Brevard, we will take this opportunity to more deeply reflect with our community on the realities of childhood cancer. For over 26 years, Candlelighters has seen first-hand the devastation that the diagnosis of childhood cancer brings on to the entire family unit. However, we have also witnessed how the community can make a tremendous difference in the lives of these same families through education, advocacy, financial assistance and emotional support. Follow COB on Facebook this month as we share information, facts, stories and much more. To all of our COB families past and present throughout Brevard County, we honor each of you. Together as a community, if we reach out for their little hands we may just be able to touch their big hearts.



We would like to thank Harbor City Hooligans for hosting a fundraiser – donating 100% of their funds raised to Candlelighters of Brevard. “Because kids can’t fight cancer alone”.


August 2016 Harbor City Hooligans held a fundraising event at Intracoastal Brewing Company to benefit Candlelighters of Brevard. They donated 100% of the funds raised through their raffles as well as an additional donation from the organization giving a total donation to Candlelighters of Brevard of $895!!! This is truly awesome! We are honored to have been chosen as their donation benefactor. Without community minded groups such as Harbor City Hooligans and all of the people that supported them, we couldn’t continue to offer the programs and services we do to help families in Brevard County who have children diagnosed with cancer.

Their donation dollars go back directly to families right here in Brevard. Not to find a cure, not to go towards other funding, but to directly help Brevard County families.

Thank You Harbor City Hooligans!! YOU ALL ROCK!!!


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Thank You Ladies Night Out Event Sponsors!


Special thanks to Brevard County Hyundai Dealers (BCHD)! As of this year, they are the longest-running signature sponsor of the Ladies Night Out event. The local owners of BCHD serve as major cash and in-kind donors of all signature events for Candlelighters of Brevard. From their generous donation of a brand new car each year for the annual Have A Heart Gala, to serving on our board and various committees, BCHD give their personal and professional time, resources, funding and talent, helping to provide COB with every resource needed to grow and flourish as an organization dedicated to children in their fight against childhood cancer. We are most especially appreciative and grateful for the support of Tracey Latshaw, for her commitment to our organization and for serving on the Candlelighters’ Board of Directors. From the grandparents to grandchildren – the entire Nelson, Latshaw and Russell families are all personally involved with Candlelighters.


Sponsor Spotlight: Harris Corporation – Signature Sponsor of Ladies Night Out event

Ladies Auxiliary of Rockledge Knights of Columbus