Universal Studios Family Outing 2016

Universal 2016

The Universal Studios trip that Candlelighters of Brevard (COB) provided for our family was a most unforgettable day. Our daughter had a blast and we feel so fortunate we got a family day together: full of smiles, laughter and a whole lot of fun.  This COB organization has been so much more than people helping us out financially for groceries, medical bills, and gas cards.  When we joined COB, we joined more than just an organization, we joined a family, with people to go to when we need help, not just financially but emotionally. Anytime we are in need of a shoulder to cry on or need a friend who knows and understands what we are going through, COB has always been there. Aside from having someone there to help us through the difficult times, we’ve also made some pretty awesome memories, much thanks to COB.  With trips, picnics and being able to meet other families like ours, my daughter who needs a little nudge at times to come out of her shell, has just opened up since we’ve joined this wonderful organization, allowing her to not feel so different from the other kids that are going through similar situations. Candlelighters of Brevard  has been amazing and to re-iterate, so much more than an organization and we feel so blessed to be a part of this family.

Thank you – Ashely, Chris, & Alayna